Justin Bieber Hosting ‘SNL’ Is A Thing That’s Probably Going To Happen

That’s it, 2013. I’m done with you. Bring on 2014, when potential castration-victim Justin Bieber won’t be hosting SNL, and will have hopefully suffocated in an ironic pile of hair clippings. Earlier today, King Swaggy Bro tweeted, “2013. what’s coming? #snl???” which has since been RT’d nearly 20,000 times, with replies ranging from “maybe you could say you love me to me” to “I WANT JUSTIN TO NOTICE ME !!! I EXIST!!” (That is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched the all-two-legged-dogs cut of Brian’s Song.)

Beebs has appeared on SNL three times — in 2010, as a musical guest; in 2011, in a parody trailer for The Roommate with Andy Samberg; and last year, in the Lonely Island’s 100th Digital Short — but he’s yet to play a song on a carefully placed piano/host, which is presumably what he was referring to on Twitter. Would the teen idol live up to the CLASSIC 2004 episode with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey? Only time will tell, sadly, but should the inevitable become official, here’s how to make the episode great.

Nothin’ but that, for 90 minutes.

(Via Hollywood Life)