Justin Bieber Shot And Killed! (on ‘CSI’)

Well, as if I needed further proof that I’m an evil son of a bitch, I laughed my ass off at this clip from last night’s episode of “CSI” in which Justin Bieber’s character is shot and killed (video below). Not like, “Haha, he got shot!” I mean pure, villainous cackling from the pit of my jet-black soul. “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yes! YES! Die, Bieber! Die and take your fans with you to hell! AHAHAHAHA!”

Seriously, I have problems.

Also, note this astute comment from YouTube:

00:10 He has a gun in his left hand.

00:11 He is shot, dropping the gun from his right hand.

00:13 He is holding the gun in his left hand again, dropping dead without letting go.

CSI, high quality as usual.

I actually couldn’t see the gun in his right hand at the 11-second mark, but he’s definitely not holding a gun in his left, so the criticism still stands. But what I find especially unbelievable is that someone who looks like Justin Bieber has enough pistol training to hit a target from 10-15 yards while shooting one-handed. But there I go again, applying actual knowledge of weapons systems to TV shows. Next thing you know I’ll be calling John Woo-directed gun battles unrealistic.

[via Reddit]

UPDATE: And the remixes begin: