Kate McKinnon Officially Issues Apology To The Cat Shelter That Did Not Influence Her Cat Lady Sketch

Saturday Night Live’s lovely Emmy-nominated Kate McKinnon was on Late Night last night with, ironically, the host of this upcoming Emmy telecast, Seth Meyers. Though the first SNL cast member of the year was sh*tcanned last night (but it was totally worth it for that Twitter joke!), that was not a topic of conversation. Instead, Kate McKinnon used the opportunity to apologize to some women who work in a cat shelter.

It was all a misunderstanding, see? What happened was, McKinnon visited a cat shelter one weekend, and on the very next weekend, she and Charlize Theron were in a sketch about some off-kilter women at a cat shelter. The women at the cat shelter McKinnon visited were obviously hurt. “You don’t care about cats. You just came in to do research,” they tweeted at McKinnon.

But it totally wasn’t about those cat shelter ladies, McKinnon explains. It was TOTALLY another cat shelter she was making fun of (wink wink?).

Personally, I think McKinnon should be apologizing for that episode, which was the second worst of the year (behind only the Jim Parsons’ installment). Here’s that cat lady sketch. Now, let’s never speak of it again.