Ke$ha Wrote A Farewell To ‘Eastbound & Down’ And Compared Herself To Kenny Powers

By the time that the new issue of Rolling Stone hits newsstands (if those still exist) on Nov. 21, HBO will have closed the curtain on its hilariously obscene and disturbing comedy, Eastbound & Down. But that didn’t stop obscene and disturbing pop star Ke$ha from writing a short piece for Rolling Stone about her love for Eastbound & Down, and the girl who became famous by sort of being friends with Paris Hilton actually tugs on the heartstrings a little with her kind words of appreciation for Kenny Powers.

Ke$ha, like E&D’s antihero, is no stranger to controversy, as she has drank her own urine on her reality show and claimed that she writes songs with her vagina and her mom. Hey, Elton John has Bernie Taupin and Ke$ha has her hoo ha. To each her own. But it’s because of that quirky behavior that Ke$ha claims she understands Kenny Powers so well.

There’s this one episode of Eastbound & Down where he comes running onto a baseball field in Mexico with an American flag tied around his neck, jerking off to the crowd with fireworks going off. It reminded me so much of myself that it scared me. And made me proud, at the same time.

When my music first came out, my sense of humor was kind of lost in translation. I was like, “Man, they don’t know I’m in on the joke!” But then I saw Eastbound & Down, and I knew Kenny Powers would totally get me. We’re both oblivious, missing social cues about what’s appropriate. We both have a really dark and obscene sense of humor, which my publicists tell me I have to tone down. But Kenny doesn’t tone it down. He owns that shit. I am proud to be his female embodiment. (Via Rolling Stone)

Except I’d argue that Kenny Powers isn’t oblivious, and he’s actually quite aware of how absurd his antics are. That’s why he’s so desperate for wealth, because he wants to buy acceptance instead of earning it. But I’ll save that kind of brilliant insight and analysis for my award-winning Eastbound & Down episode recaps. In the meantime, Ke$ha is going to have to stick to appreciating Kenny Powers just like us – in reruns and the greatest GIFs ever made.

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