Ranking Kenny Powers’ Most Formidable Rivals On ‘Eastbound And Down’

02.22.17 1 year ago


Like any great saga, Kenny Powers faced his share of enemies on his personal journey from cocky fallen athlete to not-completely-terrible-human being-all-of-the-time. Kenny was a hero to no one but himself — and Stevie — and his enemies in many respects weren’t that much worse than him. Still, he took on each of them and emerged victorious in the end.

The spectrum of Kenny Powers’ enemies is a wide one, ranging from passive aggressive former classmates to sadistic car dealership owners. Not all of them were equal and some definitely made Kenny’s life worse than others, but each played their role of nemesis to KP at some point in Eastbound & Down’s four-season run (which you can stream on HBO Now). So, to honor the enemies of Kenny “f*ckin'” Powers, let’s start with his weakest foe and work our way down to his most-hated of enemies.

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