Kenny Powers Is Back For One More Season

Listen here you beautiful b-words, I’m about to F you up with some truth. Sure, Kenny Powers’ magical words lose most of their luster when they’re edited, but you won’t have to worry about any restrictions come September 29, because that’s when Danny McBride and Co. will return to HBO for the fourth and final season of Eastbound and Down.

According to Entertainment Weekly, this final season will be yet another short one at just eight episodes, but seeing as we’ve never had more than eight episodes in a season to begin with, I’d say we’re lucky just to get the last chapter in the life of fictional baseball’s most bombastic and foul-mouthed pitcher.

Filming begins tomorrow in North Carolina, and the focus of the fourth season will apparently be Kenny Powers: Family Man. Set several years after the final episode of season 3, we’ll be checking in on K-Mother-F*cking-P and his son, Toby, who he is presumably still proud of, so you should keep looking at him, expletives.

Will we see any more of Will Ferrell as the wonderfully-named Ashley Shaffer? How about another reunion with Reg Macworthy and the Grim Creepers at Black Bike Week?

Maybe we’ll find Reg thriving as a telescope operator after all. Either way, I only pray that Kenny isn’t done with baseball for good and maybe, just maybe, we get one last spectacular entrance…