Keri Russell Had A Wardrobe Malfunction While Colbert Listed Everything Wrong With ‘The Americans’

Editorial Director
05.15.14 24 Comments

There are so many ways a “Stephen Colbert” interview with Americans star Keri Russell could go. I anticipated Colbert scolding her for making sympathetic characters out of Russian spies (got it), a Felicity hair mention (got it), and probably some form of “hey pretty lady” exchange (kinda got it). But what I in no way anticipated was a minor wardrobe malfunction around the 2:00 mark to loosen up what had been a fairly rigid interview and turn it into a really fun one with “honey trap” jokes. You just can’t see some things coming.

If you need me I’ll be tweeting Colbert that he needs to incorporate prestige drama versions of his book club dedication shows if he really wants to get to the next level in this business.

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