Kevin Bacon Turns Out To Be The Worst Beach Boy On ‘The Tonight Show’

The hits just keep rolling out for Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Take this sketch featuring he and Kevin Bacon as The Beach Boys, singing the hilarious unreleased version of “Fun, Fun, Fun” for everyone’s enjoyment!

Actually, the only two things I took away from this are that Kevin Bacon looks weirder than Al Jardine in his Beach Boys get up and that one dancer looks a lot like porn star Janice Griffith.

Elsewhere on the show, Bacon sat down to talk about his new VOD film and the past horror of finding out your movie is going straight to video. Then he talked a bit about The Bacon Brothers and the crazy fans that show up dressed in bacon costumes. They pulled this chick on stage in New Jersey while they played, I guess so she could just stand there and wonder about her station in life a bit.

You chose this path.

(Via The Tonight Show)