Kevin Costner Released New Song Lyrics That Are Definitely Not About His ‘Yellowstone’ Plans

Yellowstone chaos may or may not exist, depending upon who one asks. Kevin Costner’s attorney, for example, has spoken out about the “ridiculous” rumor that dropped as part of a more overarching Deadline report about Costner potentially moving on from the Paramount+ granddaddy series of them all. The “ridiculous” claim in question was that Costner allegedly “only wanted to spend a week shooting” the current season’s back half. The idea that Costner would have thought it possible to film a half season of his lead role in one week does sound far fetched, but still, his potential departure was the takeaway.

The overall worry that he’s leaving the show has caused speculation to swirl, and of course, Costner has other plates spinning, like directing and also writing music for his band, Kevin Costner & Modern West, so one can expect people to have some fun there. Or some misery, depending upon how one interprets some new lyrics that Costner revealed to the world on Twitter. He co-wrote this song, “One More Day,” and the lyrics are, well, something or nothing.

“We’re all trying to live our lives the best we can,” Costner’s next tweet began. “Sometimes we fall short, but the heart of life is that we keep on trying. When it comes to the end and we meet our maker, the question I would ask is ‘Could you just give my good friend one more day?'”

What. Does. It. Mean. Maybe nada! And possibly/probably nothing to do with Yellowstone and the idea that he might move on, thereby ending the flagship series amid a sea of prequels and offshoots from Taylor Sheridan. Speaking of which, the initial report about Costner’s departure also arrived with word that Matthew McConaughey could be ready to step into the franchise, if not literally as John Dutton but as a spiritual successor.

Again, these lyrics could mean zero. They could simply be, you know, a nice song, rather than Yellowstone being the “good friend” mentioned above. Oh, but mankind cannot resist some dishy, panic-inducing cowboy gossip.