Kiefer Sutherland Claims He’s Never Watched A Single Episode Of ’24’

Kiefer Sutherland would have us believe that he’s a perfectionist. As he told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday’s episode of the ABC late-night series, the star of beloved ‘80s films like Young Guns and The Lost Boys does not like watching the finished product of his movies and television shows, because once he wraps production, there’s simply nothing he can do about it anymore. So, instead of just sitting back and enjoying Emilio Estevez’s perfect Old West hairstyle in that delightful Billy the Kid bar scene, Sutherland simply steers clear of his work so he doesn’t wonder if perhaps he could have twirled his gun a little better or somehow looked cooler leaning back in his chair.

His reasoning, the star of the new ABC series Designated Survivor told Kimmel, dates back to the 1986 film Stand By Me. He claims he was “absolutely horrified” by his performance and thought that his career was over, and so once the film was a huge hit, he decided it was just wise not to watch anything he’s in. Shockingly, that includes 24, the show that changed his name to Jack Bauer for the rest of eternity. “I’ve managed to make 216 episodes of 24 and I don’t think I’ve ever watched a single one of them,” he claimed. Is he just being modest and yanking our cranks? He has to be, there’s no way he hasn’t enjoyed being one of TV’s all-time greatest badasses.

He also says that he hasn’t watched the Designated Survivor pilot, which airs Wednesday night on ABC. In it, he plays the titular “designated survivor,” who becomes president of the United States after an explosion at the State of the Union address kills the president and every member of his Cabinet. Of course, it makes sense he wouldn’t watch, because I assume the first episode is just Sutherland’s character saying, “Holy sh*t I’m the president” for an hour.