‘Killer Karaoke’ Keeps Getting Better And Better

Don’t question why you love the things that you do. Just be glad you love anything at all. For instance, I love that there’s a show on TV, Killer Karaoke, that features idiots singing golden oldies radio standards while sticking their heads into a see-through cage filled with tarantulas so that said idiots can win $50, all while Steve-O, a buxom blonde, and an audience filled with howling jackals look on and laugh. It’s the small things, y’know.

If you didn’t see last Friday’s premiere of truTV’s newest (only?) game show, please watch it tomorrow night, and then every Friday night for the rest of your life, hopefully. Bros singing Temptations songs is eternal.

Never one to back down from an “Ow! My Balls!-ification of the world” fight, though, Investigation Discovery, which is apparently a real channel that you can really get, has their own landmark Friday night series in Wives with Knives. The reality show also premiered last week, but instead of Jersey Shore extras getting bitten by snakes, Wives profiled “Jersey girls behaving badly.” Here’s a well-acted dramatic reenactment:

BUT WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO GET TO THE KNIVES??? Love is Friday night TV shows.

(Via E!)