Kim Kardashian Told The World Too Much About How Hot She Got When Pete Davidson Suggested Budget Ice Cream

Most rich people don’t understand the novelty of going to the dollar store on the corner at 2 am to get a popsicle when it’s 99 degrees out and there isn’t any air conditioning in your cramped apartment, but the King Of Staten Island Pete Davidson sure does. In fact, that’s how he impresses his girlfriend Kim Kardashian because the idea of going out to get your own $2 ice cream is simply beyond her comprehension–she has people for that!

In the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, Kardashian revealed that she gets horny when her boyfriend Pete asks her to get ice cream. Like, in a serious way. “Pete is such a good, good person. I can’t even explain it,” she said as a talking head. “He just has the best heart and always thinks of the small things.”

She added, “One time, Pete was like, ‘Babe, let’s go get some ice cream at Thrifty,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God, you are making me so f—ing horny.’ Rite Aid? Thrifty? It was literally like one of the best nights of my life.” Thrifty, of course, is the bargain brand of ice cream they sell at Rite Aid in the northeast. Hey, whatever gets you going.

Kardashian added that Davidson likes to gift her ice cream before trips, often getting her the treat before she jets off on her private plane. “I swear it’s like the cutest littlest things,” she said. It’s honestly the bare minimum, but good for her.

As it turns out, Davidson seems to impress his girlfriend with ice cream a lot. “We went to the movies in Staten Island and all I wanted was Dibs. I’m obsessed with Dibs. But you can only get them at like gas stations these days.” You can tell this is all so new for her since she said “in Staten Island” instead of “on Staten Island,” which is a common mistake. She’s used to getting ice cream in Italy, anyway.