Kit Harington Is Glad ‘Game Of Thrones’ Isn’t Going On Any Longer

While we still have a while before we learn what happens in the books, HBO’s Game of Thrones is locked in to end after the upcoming season 8, which will feature six movie length episodes as it ties up its tale of t*ts and dragons. That’s too bad for us viewers, who have turned the show into one of the biggest successes in entertainment history. We imagine HBO execs are sad about it as well, although they do have a whopping five spin-offs in development as we speak.

But one person who isn’t sad to see the show come to an end is Jon Snow himself, Kit Harrington. While Game of Thrones is the definition of an ensemble show, Harington has found himself playing an ever growing role as the seasons roll on. He talked about his excitement at the prospect of being free once the show ends with Digital Spy.

“Thrones is coming to the end at the right time for me, and everyone involved in it. I was exchanging emails with David [Benioff] Dan [Weiss] last night and we were all getting very soppy and emotional with each other. It will be liberating, just the thought of having a whole year free! You shoot for six months, but half of the projects you might want to do will have started shooting before that six months is over. There’s a lot of things you can’t do. I’m looking forward to finishing, and eight years is the right amount of time. I wouldn’t want it to go on any longer than it has. I have other ideas I’d like to look at producing.”

His growing lack of passion for Game of Thrones probably isn’t helped by the amount of mud, snow, and blood he’s had thrown at him for the past three years. Jon Snow has been at the center of Hardhome, the Battle of the Bastards, and the suicide mission beyond the Wall. Maybe if Jon got to take a vacation in Dorne once in a while he’d be down for a few more seasons.

But for real, Harrington sounds like he’s excited to fully open up his schedule to whatever suits his fancy next. Considering Game of Thrones has been a pretty huge time hog for him since 2011, it’s no surprise he’s ready for it to end so he can move onward and upwards to new things.

One of those new things he’s managed to star in and produce in the meantime? The BBC’s Gunpowder, which is based on the true story of Robert Catesby and Guy Fawkes as they attempt to bomb the British parliament. The show premieres on Saturday October 21st.

(via Digital Spy)