Kristen Stewart Has Put Out A Call For Paranormal Experts To Join Her ‘Super Gay Ghost-Hunting Adventure’ Reality Show

Just when you think you have Kristen Stewart pegged, she goes ahead and stars as Princess Diana (and gives one of the best interpretations of the late royal yet seen). Then follows that up with what the 32-year-old describes as a “super gay ghost-hunting adventure” reality series.

After mentioning the project in a November 2021 interview with The New Yorker, Variety reports that the paranormal reality series, which Stewart will executive produce, has announced an open casting call. On Monday, CJ Romero, K-Stew’s hairstylist/pal/collaborator on the project, posted a video to Instagram in which the actress — who appears in David Cronenberg’s polarizing Crimes of the Future — said she was “scarily excited to announce that I’m teaming up with Scout, the producers of Queer Eye, Legendary, and The Hype, on the most gayest, most funnest, most titillating queer ghost-hunting show ever. And casting begins!”

Stewart went on to explain that in order to make the show all it can be, “We need to find the most incredible LGBTQ+ ghost hunters, paranormal specialists, mediums, psychics, [and] investigators who will lead the pack on this super gay ghost-hunting adventure.”

Sound like you? If so, you can apply to take a super gay paranormal journey with Stewart here. Top that, Zak Bagans!

(Via Variety)