Kristen Stewart Is Working On A ‘Gay Ghost-Hunting’ Reality Series, So Congrats On Having A New Favorite Show

Kristen Stewart recently said said she’s “probably made five really good films, out of 45 or 50 films.” She did not name which five films are the good films (it’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 five times), because she’s too busy writing one perfect TV show.

In an interview with the New Yorker, Stewart revealed that she’s developing a “gay ghost-hunting reality show with a friend.” The Spencer actress described the series as “a paranormal romp in a queer space,” adding, “Gay people love pretty things. So we are aiming for a richness.” People love to complain how they don’t make movie stars like they used to. This is true: they make them better now (the headline of the New Yorker piece: “How Kristen Stewart Became Her Generation’s Most Interesting Movie Star”). Did Joan Fontaine ever make a gay ghost-hunting reality show? Exactly.

Stewart also discussed her directorial feature debut, an adaptation of Lidia Yuknavitch’s award-winning memoir, The Chronology of Water. “I want to make something that’s gonna, like, stink and be horribly embarrassing, but also make you f*cking wet, and just be really honest,” she said. “Do you know what I mean? I want to do a coming-of-age movie that actually considers young women. They’ve never f*cking done it.”

Kristen Stewart could star in His Girl Friday, but Cary Grant couldn’t direct an embarrassing coming-of-age movie that makes you f*cking wet — and have Guy Fieri officiate his wedding. Something to think about.

(Via the New Yorker)