Kurt Sutter Is Developing A Time Travel Drama About A Soldier Who Hunts Law-Breaking Demons

02.26.13 16 Comments

Sons of Anarchy is winding down. Its showrunner, Kurt Sutter, has said the series could wrap up after two more seasons, which is a bit of a problem for FX because Sons is still their highest-rated show. So it should come as no surprise that FX has gone to great lengths to stay in the Kurt Sutter business, signing off first on a dark comedy about a clown assassin, and now on a drama — that Sutter is co-creating with former Hell On Wheels showrunner John Shiban — about a renegade soldier who travels through time to hunt felonious demons.

Lucas Stand is a dark action/horror drama with both episodic and serialized elements and follows the salvation quest of a damaged former special ops soldier, who has been chosen to traverse time and place to hunt down and kill Hell’s law-breaking demons. [THR]

Sons of Anarchy has been a little hit-or-miss lately (and I am being generous here, because I am a nice guy and also because I am fairly certain Kurt Sutter will come to my house and yell at me if I call the show “a nutso mess”), but I will give Sutter this: The man knows how to pitch a show. “It’s a drama about bad as f-ck biker gangs who ride around murdering the sh-t out of everyone.” GREENLIGHT. “It’s a comedy about a party clown who used to be an 80s rocker chick. P.S. She’s also a secret assassin.” OKAY. “It’s a show about a former special ops soldier who is all messed up in the head and he travels through time to murder law-breaking demons from Hell.” I’LL TAKE TWO.

NOTE: If the pilot of this show doesn’t involve the soldier getting recruited into the whole time-travel, demon-murdering thing by a gruff, cigar-chomping military leader who says “I don’t care if you’re outta the game. You have to do it. Because you’re THE BEST,” I swear to God I will eat my laptop.

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