Kurt Sutter Feels There’s ‘Nothing Wrong With Colorful Brutality’ When Talking ‘The Bastard Executioner’

FX presented their upcoming series The Bastard Executioner at Friday’s TCA summer press day. According to Variety, a reporter addressed creator Kurt Sutter regarding the show’s violence and compared the on screen brutality to the type of carnage regularly present on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

While jokingly stating that there’s “nothing wrong with colorful brutality,” Sutter made clear that Executioner‘s violence may be absurd, but it comes from an “organic place”:

“My mandate, as it was on ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ is same for this — the violence, as absurd as it could be sometimes on ‘Sons,’ it always came from an organic place and it was never done in a vacuum. To every violent act, there were ramifications. That’s sort of my same mandate here.”

Given the show’s medieval setting, he made sure to point out the brutal reality of that world will definitely come through in the series. No matter how crazy the violence, however, Sutter made clear that it all comes out of story.

He further drove his point home in saying “once we see the characters’ conflict or, as importantly, their non-conflict in carrying forth that violence, it always has some ramification, whether it be an emotional ramification on the character or somehow, it impacts the narrative.”

Violence or not, Kurt Sutter continued painting The Bastard Executioner as a character driven series that will explore relationships that exist within that sword-wielding world:

“It’s always about character and the relationships and the world. As it was with ‘Sons,’ the outlaw motorcycle culture became backdrop to a very conflicted hero and the relationships that surrounded him,” Sutter said. Of “Bastard,” he explained, “The period and the job functions and all that will ultimately become backdrop for what will become an interesting character struggle and complex relationship.”

We’ll soon get the chance to judge the show’s colorful brutality for ourselves as The Bastard Executioner will premiere on FX on September 15th.

(Via Variety)