Kurt Sutter Penned Another Glorious Rant About ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Being Snubbed By The Emmys

I’ve got to hand it to Kurt Sutter, who usually goes off half-cocked every July on Twitter when he’s delivered his annual Emmy snub: This year, he organized his thoughts, put them in coherent paragraphs over on, and managed not to call anyone at AMC “a money-whoring, talentless c**t.” The man is making progress.

That’s not to say he’s not hurt over being passed over once again. He wants an Emmy. Badly. Anyone who says they don’t want to be “awarded by their peers is a fat f**king liar,” he writes. In fact, he likens it to an experience in high school:

While other f**king shows that ran out of story three seasons ago, still get tagged to step up to the show. To explain the feeling, I use an analogy from a part of our lives that probably best describes our industry – high school. Remember when that kid you hated from second period French had that big end of year party? You knew he was a lazy, self-important, pompous douchebag, and yet when you didn’t get the invitation, you sobbed into your Members Only jacket and a piece of youthful hope cracked off your soul and fell in dogsh*t.

Poor guy. But at least he’s happy for the other nominees, right? “They deserve all the love and praise the universe gives them,” he writes, adding “I’ll be saying that affirmation a lot today. It’ll keep me from killing puppies with a tack hammer.”

Oh Kurt Sutter, never stop being you. Sutter had a legitimate beef after Sons of Anarchy was snubbed in season two, and Katey Sagal has been passed over a couple of times when she deserved a nomination (although, that was in earlier seasons, too). Still, the fact that Walton Goggins has not received an Emmy nomination for guest actor really is a travesty. But I still applaud the guy for trying his damndest to get the respect of his peers, and for feeling so passionate about his show. If the Emmys had another category for Most Awesome Action Packed Twist-Heavy Dramas, Sons and The Walking Dead would be the Cranston and McConaughey of that category.

Source: NikkiFinke