Kurt Sutter Wants Aaron Paul For The Final Season Of 'Sons Of Anarchy'

Filming doesn’t begin until late May on the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy, but Kurt Sutter has already broken down the main story arcs. He’s also in the process of signing deals for recurring characters this season. Some recurring characters will return. CCH Pounder, for one, is expected to come back in some capacity, as will Kim Dickens, whose role will be limited. Dickens actually just landed the female lead in a CBS pilot.

Working without much Dickens may prove challenging, since the focus of the final season will turn away from the Irish and guns and back toward the SAMCRO’s “legitimate business.” However, instead of the escort business, the main focus is expected to be on Cara Cara, SAMCRO’s pornographic film studio.

According to Sutter, additional members from other chapters of SAMCRO may also be brought in for the final season, and you know who might make a perfect addition?

Well, if you ask Sutter, the one person he’d like most to have on the final season, he revealed on Twitter, is Aaron Paul. Who would he play? Maybe Jax’s long-lost brother?

Here’s Aaron Paul’s response on whether it’s true, and Kurt Sutter’s reply:

In other words, they’re joking around. It’s probably a pipe dream. BUT IT WOULD BE SO F***KING BRILLIANT. Hell, bring him in just to kill of Juice.

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