Kyle MacLachlan Has Read The New ‘Twin Peaks’ Scripts And Says It Is ‘Going To Be Amazing’

The Twin Peaks revival is currently a full-on go, after a few tiny stops and starts. David Lynch is in, Kyle MacLachlan is in, Showtime is in, etc. According to THR, all the scripts have already been written, too. And in an interview with Deadline this week, MacLachlan ratcheted the anticipation up to a solid 9, maybe a 9.5.

You start filming in September?

Yeah. Sort of the rough answer is fall–September, October. That’s when they anticipate beginning the process. That’s what I’ve heard to this point.

If you’ve read any of it can you share any initial impressions?

I have read a couple but I can’t share anything with you. I would love to, believe me. I can certainly say without hesitation, it’s going to be amazing.

Amazing is good. We can work with “amazing.” I mean, sure, he kind of has to say that, especially at this point. I imagine he’d be on the receiving end of a few angry phone calls if we had been all, “After reading them I spit on each individual page and then threw them all in the toilet, where they belong.” But still! I’ve got no reason to assume Kyle MacLachlan is lying. I vote we take him at his word. “Amazing” it is.

(Via Deadline)