Kyle MacLachlan Is Officially Returning To ‘Twin Peaks’ For Showtime’s Limited Series

Kyle MacLachlan took the stage at TCA to confirm that he is will officially be returning to Twin Peaks. David Lynch announced the show’s return to Showtime back in October, but details have been scarce ever since. With MacLachlan’s return, the nine episode limited series looks to be shaping up more and more. From Deadline:

MacLachlan helped make the announcement at TCA, coming out on stage unannounced to the Twin Peaks theme, offering Showtime topper David Nevins coffee with one of Agent Cooper’s most famous catch phrases, “Damn good coffee.” (#damngoodcoffee also was the hashtag Lynch used to tease Twin Peaks‘ return before the Showtime news broke.)

“I’m very excited to return to the strange and wonderful world of Twin Peaks,” MacLachlan said. “May the forest be with you.”

The last time we spent some time with Agent Dale Cooper, he was trapped in The Black Lodge while his evil doppelganger ran loose in the outside world. Then there was that weird appearance in Fire Walk With Me, but we won’t go there too much. Hopefully this new series will clear things up in a way that satisfies fans, but doesn’t tie things up too neatly.

(Via Deadline)