Kyle Mooney Has A Slam Dunk Idea For Kevin Hart In This Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch

If an SNL fan were to come up to me and say, “I hate Kate McKinnon,” I would question everything they stand for and spit on their parents’ graves (if their parents are still alive, I dunno, steal their newspaper?). But if that same person were to comment, “I don’t like Kyle Mooney,” I wouldn’t agree with them, but I can understand where they’re coming from. His sketches are SO particular, and that’s especially true for the short that was cut from the Kevin Hart-hosted episode to make room for Vanessa Bayer farting? Mooney plays a flop sweat of a comedian who, after getting ignored by Dave Attell and Artie Lange, pitches Kevin Hart a slam dunk of an idea.

No matter your opinion of the sketch, you gotta admit one thing: Mooney’s wearing a killer jacket.

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