'Last Resort' And '666 Park Avenue' Have Been Sunk And Sent To Hell, Respectively

Turns out my therapist was right: the world isn’t ready for a show starring Terry O’Quinn as Beelzebub.

[ABC] is choosing not to move forward with Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, TVLine has confirmed.

Despite a recent order for two more scripts apiece — traditionally seen as a vote of confidence — neither series will receive a back-nine pick-up, meaning both series will end after 13 episodes. An ABC rep tells TVLine the network is planning to air the remaining hours in their entirety.

Both freshman dramas had struggled to maintain an audience. Thursday’s Last Resort, which reportedly was an important factor in whether or not the series would receive a full-season pick-up, saw a slight ratings drop to 5.8 million total viewers and a 1.3 demo rating. Similarly, last Sunday’s 666 Park earned only 4 mil/1.3, matching the previous episode’s series low. (Via)

666 Park Avenue also had much of their New York-based set ruined during Hurricane Sandy (they were under six feet of water the night of the storm), so if ABC did pick up the show, everything would have been rebuilt from scratch. By Satan’s unholy minions of the night…or as they’re known in The Biz, TEAMSTERS. Yeah. Shawn Ryan’s Last Resort was the better of the two shows and therefore its cancellation is more distressing, if only because now Scott Speedman’s gonna have to go back to the streets, beginning for pennies while his screams of, “I WAS ON FELICITY” fall on deaf ears. As for 666, well, Rachael Taylor is really pretty, so there’s that.

Don’t cry, Rachael. Just remember that you’re not Scott Speedman.

(Via TV Line)