Let Mitch Hurwitz Explain Why So Much Network Television Is Garbage

This post serves two purposes: 1) to point out how it’s nearly impossible for a good, let alone great show to make it on network television, and 2) to humbly request that filming begins on the Koogler movie, like, yesterday. But let’s talk about the first thing. Arrested Development creator/party animal Mitch Hurwitz was at the Banff World Media Festival earlier this week, and he spoke about a not-so-helpful suggestion he once received from the Powers That *fart noise* at Fox. In short, stop being so not-stupid.

“After the second season the note was dumb it down. They (Fox) would not bring me back for a third season unless I signed a contract to make it 25 per cent less — that was the phrase they used,” Hurwitz said Tuesday during a session at the Banff World Media Festival.

“I’m somebody who probably cares a little too much about other people’s experience and I really wanted Fox to be happy. But I just had to say I can’t do it and they did say you can make it, but we’ll basically just make your life miserable.” (Via)

So there you go: Fox gave the creator of arguably their best show at the time an ultimatum to stop being excellent and groundbreaking and award-winning. Unlike Koogler, that is SO not cool.

Via Montreal Gazette