The Christmas Episode Of ‘Lethal Weapon’ Had An All-Time Great ‘Enhance!’ Moment

12.08.16 12 Comments

Is there anything better than a good “Enhance!” scene? You know, the ones where a bunch of people are sitting around a computer watching surveillance footage and one of them sees a tiny thing on the screen that solves a mystery once some tech zooms in and clean the image up, often to a degree that is not at all scientifically possible? I vote no. Actually, wait. Being given ten million tax-free dollars is probably better. And so is being Matthew McConaughey, too, I bet. That guy seems pretty happy. So let’s amend that opening: Are there a lot of things better than a good “Enhance!” scene? Okay, now the answer is definitely no.

I bring this up because the Christmas episode of Fox’s Lethal Weapon reboot just had one of the best “Enhance!” moments I’ve ever scene. It was really quite incredible. I saw them setting it up and I got all excited, and then they paid it off and I actually said “Yesssss” out loud. It was that great. You don’t even need the video to appreciate it. I honestly think it’s better presented as a series of screencaps. So let’s do that.

The nice thing about an “Enhance!” scene is that you barely need any background to follow it, provided you’ve seen literally any TV show or movie before. There’s a bad guy. He killed a girl. They’re pretty sure it was him but they need to prove it, and their best chance at doing that is catching his face on the surveillance footage of the crime. That’s it.

But how?

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