Let’s Watch Patton Oswalt on ‘Seinfeld’ to Celebrate Russia’s ‘The Czar of Queens’

12.09.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

I love Patton Oswalt. If I had to spend the rest of my life with any overweight, nerdy comedian who starred on a mediocre sitcom for nine seasons, I’d choose him. No question. Oswalt’s new movie, Young Adult, comes out today, and he’s getting some serious Oscar buzz. ‘Bout time. Considering he should have gotten a nomination for his role in Big Fan, it’s actually two years too late. But that’s another issue. And a movie, not a TV show.

So, instead, let’s do that we thing we do when we see famous people before they were famous while watching a scene from the “Seinfeld” episode, “The Couch,” where Oswalt tells George that his video store (how quaint!) has rented out all its VHS copies (how quainter!) of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. View it here (anyone who uploads a video to YouTube, but doesn’t allow it to be embeddable should be shot). And speaking of execution by gunfire: the New York Post published an article today about Russia’s “The King of Queens” remake. It’s called “The Newlyweds,” and though the idea of a Russian Jerry Stiller is amusing in theory, this is less so:

The popular Kevin James sitcom has been completely made over for Russian television with a slimmer, trimmer lead actor. “They do have fat guys [in Russia],” Jeff Lerner, an exec with Sony TV, which owns the show, tells The Post. “And they do have funny guys. But we didn’t find the perfect intersection of those two things.” (New York Post)

In other words, Kevin James is an American treasure. After the you-know-what are some clips of when Oswalt guest starred on much better programs than “The King of Queens,” including “NewsRadio” and “Dr. Katz.”

Oswalt with Phil Hartman and Ben Stiller on “NewsRadio”…

Oswalt doing voice work for “Dr. Katz”…:

Oswalt guest starring on “Community”…:

…and Oswalt just kind of showing up on “The Weird Al Show”:

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