Let’s Check In On Sterling Archer’s ‘Welcome Mat’ For Week 2 Of Movember

Last week, the world’s greatest gentleman spy, Sterling Archer, gave us an exclusive look at his latest mission – growing a mustache for Movember. Each week, he promised to check back in with us on the progress of his mustache, or “Welcome Mat” as he prefers, so that we can truly appreciate just how better he is at facial hair than we are at anything else. As you can see above, Archer has already achieved a solid, purpose-serving mustache, and that purpose is to once again join nature in mocking people like me who are unable to grow adequate mustaches not only for this month’s men’s health awareness campaign, but any month in general. The pain and struggle are real.

More important than any great nicknames for mustaches and especially those that might honor Burt Reynolds, though, is the reminder that Archer and everyone at the TV show named for him are doing this for a great cause. All month long, fans and mustache aficionados can donate to Archer’s Movember campaign or, better yet, they can purchase their own Sterling Archer Movember t-shirts to wear as badges for supporting prostate and testicular cancer research and education. It’s definitely the most distinguished way to tell people you care.