Let’s Check In With Amy And Samy, The Insane Couple From Amy’s Baking Company

Kitchen Nightmares caught back up with Amy’s Baking Company Friday night for their much-hyped sixth season premiere, which was kind of a letdown for anyone expecting any new actual footage. Almost the entire episode was a recap with deleted scenes from the previous episode, with the added bonus of a frothing ten minute interview with Amy and Samy Bouzaglo at the end.

So yeah, spoiler alert: They’re both still pretty much insane. Amy and Samy accuse Kitchen Nightmares of profiting off of and discrediting their business (to be fair, one of those things is true) and turning their restaurant into a circus that attracts tourists and practical jokers. They do a LOT of contradicting themselves, with ninja-like contradiction skills that would be impressive if they weren’t so balls to the wall crazy. At least they’re giving their wait staff tips now, which they say was due to the pressure of Kitchen Nightmares but then lament that their servers are also making less money because that the restaurant isn’t doing well, also thanks to Kitchen Nightmares. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT, KITCHEN NIGHTMARES.

So now they’ve got Kitchen Nightmares as another scapecoat to blame for why their business sucks, in addition to the Yelpers and “pansies.” Speaking of which, Amy defends her usage of the word “pansy” to describe Gordon Ramsay during one of her many crazy-eyed rants:

The reason I said he was a pansy is because the same reason I call these Yelpers and these people that hide behind the computer screen the [bleeped] mafia. They are [bleeped], they are pansies, and they have no balls because if they had balls, they would come to my face, my husband’s face and tell us exactly, all the stuff, the lies, the slanderous stuff that they say online instead of just hiding behind their computer screen. I have said a lot of offensive things. But when a person is completely under attack, I’m sorry, I would love to be nothing but a lady and control my language and not have a severe case of Tourette’s Syndrome, but this is what’s happened to me because of the pressure. I called that guy a pansy because he was a pale-faced pansy ass willow. That’s exactly what I call him. Yes, I’m going to say things if someone attacks me. I’m not going to stop. Then I will be a pansy and I’m not a pansy.

This clip is basically the interview equivalent of smacking a hornet’s nest out of a tree and tossing firecrackers at it. If I wake up to the news one day that one of these two have murdered a person and/or each other I will legitimately not be surprised in the least.

(Transcription via Gawker)