Let's Check In With David Hasselh-… aaaaaaaaand He's Sitting On KITT While Dressed Like A Pirate

11.16.12 12 Comments

Here is a picture of former Baywatch and Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff splayed across the hood of KITT while dressed like a pirate. More than anything else in the world, I wanted this to be a totally candid, unstaged photograph. Like, I wanted it to be an unrelated red carpet event — a high-society benefit for cancer research, for example — that David Hasselhoff decided to crash in a talking car while wearing a pirate costume. That would have made me happier than any of you can possibly imagine. I mean, just the thought of him stumbling up to wealthy, middle-aged socialites and slurring “AAAARGGHH. I’m a pirate, and I’m hunting for booty” as they clutch their pearls in horror (“Why I never…”) and KITT sighs in disappointment has put a smile on my face for the last five minutes.

But upon closer examination, that is not the case. As the poster behind him indicates, he is actually playing Captain Hook in a London-based performance of Peter Pan. Why or how this involves KITT (pleaseohplease let KITT be playing Tinkerbell), I have no idea. And I have no intention of doing any further research. Facts have already ruined enough of this story for me.

via The Superficial

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