Let’s Liveblog Tuesday’s Geeky TV: ‘Flash’ And ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Get Fast And Heavy

If New Comic Book Day is Wednesday, apparently Tuesdays are new superhero TV show day. Yep, everything’s back up and running and thus we’ve got The Flash and Agents of SHIELD back-to-back for liveblogging!

Last week on The Flash, Barry was snapped out of his annoying “I have to push away the ones I love to protect them” sulk by his friends basically telling him to grow up. Also, his dad was freed from prison, so things are going well for him. Yeah, that’ll stick.

This week, he meets his new mentor, Jay Garrick, and fights the obscure Firestorm villain Sand Demon. Yes, there were days in the ’70s where DC just didn’t even try. Anyway, that’ll be tonight’s fight, and we’ll be interested to see how they expand on the classic story The Flash Of Two Worlds.

Meanwhile, on Agents of SHIELD, Fitz saved Simmons in a surprisingly earned bad-ass moment last episode, while May and Hunter decided to take down Ward’s rebuilding of HYDRA. We also met Baron Von Strucker’s douchey son, who Ward decided to mentor, because we all know how well that turns out for him.

This week, Lincoln is being hunted by the government. We’re hopeful this means he will be shot, but come on. We’re not that lucky. We’ll find out tonight starting at 8 p.m. with The Flash before shifting over to Agents of SHIELD at 9 p.m. Join us, won’t you?