Let’s Relive The Time Patton Oswalt Pranked ‘The King Of Queens’ By Standing Completely Still

There’s nothing new about this, but we supposedly cover more Patton Oswalt news than any site on the Internet and it seems that we missed this. Or we just felt it wasn’t worth covering. I don’t know, but I like the second video in this post too and I thought they worked well together.

So hey, back in 2011, Patton Oswalt tweeted out the scene above and referenced his joke for all to enjoy. It’s simple and it doesn’t make The King Of Queens any more or less better than it is, but I have to say that it grows on you. Especially by the time you see him through the kitchen window and he still hasn’t moved.

He also talked to Jimmy Fallon about it at the same, adding in this gem about The King Of Queens writing crew:

Oswalt wanted to reveal something about his first professional acting gig as a recurring guest star on King of Queens. Namely, that the writers room was full of potheads. Major potheads. As in: “I’ve never worked with a stonier crew than the Kings of Queens writers and producers.” (via)

I’m not sure what this says about the folks at CBS, but unaware certainly comes to mind. That would also explain how Rules Of Engagment stayed on the air for as long as it did.

And that all leads me to this video from Adam Sandler’s good friend Kevin James. He’s currently filming Paul Blart 2, which makes me wince to say, but I guess he found a bit of time to break and make a humorous clip with Leah Remini.

It almost makes you wish she married Zach Morris all those years ago. It might’ve spared us the treachery that was Zoo Keeper and Grown Ups. Well maybe not Grown Ups, but Zoo Keeper never would’ve saw the light of day because Kevin James never would’ve found fame.

(Via Reddit / SloppyJoeSka / HeyEddie)