Let's Speculate Wildly About 'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Based On These Set Photos

There is no offseason for Game of Thrones fans. They’re like NFL addicts in that sense. Also, they both know bears will never win. When they’re not putting up Craigslist ads for “ethnic friends” to restage the final scene of season three, they’re (OK, fine, “we’re”) impatiently clamoring for director assignments and casting notices. OMG SONNY FROM TREME IS GOING TO PLAY DAARIO…wait, Sonny from Treme is going to play Daario?

Unfortunately, there’s no official premiere date yet — just a rough estimate of “spring 2014” — but that shouldn’t stop from us from predicting EXACTLY what’s going to happen in season four, based on these set photos from the GoT Guide and Kuedon. No spoilers for book readers, unless you’re afraid of the truth. Then life is a spoiler.

It’s so obvious that Margaery Tyrell will lead a rebellion to ensure shoulder pieces are worn two inches below where they’re supposed to be. Season four: ruined.

(Via Kuedon) (Via @MJuricDuTVnet) (Via Games of Thrones Guide)