Scoring Fat Schmidt Versus Fat Ryan Reynolds’ Unofficial Lip Sync Throw Down

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05.09.13 13 Comments

Unfortunately, Jimmy Fallon can’t bring us the Lip Sync Battle of the Ages EVERY DAY (although, if he did, I would never, ever stop watching), so sometimes we just have to take some spit, duct tape, and old YouTube videos to create our own lip-sync battles. My two favorite lip sync performances just happen to feature men in fat suits, and if there’s anything pop culture has proven to us all, it’s that actors in fat suits lip-synching is AMAZING. The first is of Ryan Reynolds in the post-credits sequence for the Anna Faris movie Just Friends (and though the movie was, at best, mediocre, the lip sync performance knocked it up five notches) while the other is Max Greenfield screwing around in his New Girl fat suit early in the firs season of New Girl before that many people were paying attenting. They are both amazing, and I present them to you below, with my unofficial scoring.

Chin Size: Advantage Fat Ryan Reynolds

Lip Synching Ability: Advantage Fat Schmidt

Hair: Advantage Ryan Reynolds

Song Choice: EVEN

Dance Moves: Advantage Fat Schmidt

Comedic Facial Expressions: Advantage Fat Ryan Reynolds

Enthusiasm: Fat Schmidt

Lip Tremble: Fat Ryan Reynolds

Air Saxophone: Advantage Ryan Reynolds


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