Listen To Steve Harvey Reveal The Stories Behind Some Of The Worst Answers From ‘Family Feud’

As has been said on this site numerous times, Steve Harvey is one of the best hosts in the history of Family Feud. Sorry, Richard Karn. The whole theme of the show and his ability to roll with the crazy answers he gets allows it to be an entertaining twelve hours of television everyday (that’s a ballpark guess).

Harvey stopped by Seth Meyers earlier and talked about some of his more memorable moments from the show, including the YouTube famous naked grandma and the troubling “pork-upine” answer that allegedly left him rolling on the floor.

Now in the clip he mentions one that featured a woman blanking on the fast money round from this season, so I couldn’t find that if it exists. I have a feeling he was referring to this clip, though. I can’t expect Steve Harvey is well of trivia about Family Feud, so you have to let it slide. You also have to feel a little sorry for this lady:

(Via Late Night)

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