Live Q&As With 'Archer's' Adam Reed And 'Justified's' Joelle Carter? Yes Please.

When it rains live discussions with the awesomest people behind the awesomest shows, it pours. Or so we always say.

In case you haven’t gathered from the headline, we will soon not only be joined by the brilliant creator of Archer, Adam Reed, for a live discussion where you guys can ask him all the questions your scotch and gummy coated hearts desire, but Justified’s very own frying pan-swinging firecracker, Ava Crowder, will be along soon after to strengthen the UPROXX #TeamAva ranks. Biggest “WOOOOO!” ever, Barry? Yes Other Barry. Yes indeed.

Adam Reed will be gracing us with his presence at 2PM EST on Monday, the 14th.  Joelle Carter will then lovely up the place at 2PM EST on Tuesday, the 15th. We’ll be setting up more reminders all over the place so if you miss out you only have yourself to blame.

In the meantime we suggest everyone brushes up on their live chatting over the weekend in our Golden Globes thread. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves in front of the important and talented people who come to visit. OK, just one more…