Fox Orders An Antarctica-Set Comedy Pilot From The Creator Of ‘New Girl’

New Girl has overcome its adorkable (and uneven) beginning to become one of the more dependably funny sitcoms on network TV. Even after six seasons, creator Elizabeth Meriwether has found new ways to shake up the show (Cece and Schmidt get married! Nick falls in love with Megan Fox! Winston falls in love with… his cat?) without betraying why it works so well in the first place: the cast’s chemistry. So it’s no wonder her next show is also ensemble-based.

Fox ordered a pilot for Thin Ice, a single-camera comedy set in the world’s first LGBT-friendly continent. The series “centers on a woman who reclaims her dreams when she finds herself at the end of the Earth — in Antarctica — surrounded by a group of brilliant misfits.” In a statement, Meriwether, who co-wrote the pilot with Ed Macdonald and Mark Grimmer, said, “Fox has been and continues to be such a great home for me with New Girl. And now I’m looking forward to making a pilot about the sexiest place on earth — Antarctica. And, yes, we will be shooting on location, so I think we’re going to find a cast very soon.” Who needs a cast when you already have a cat?

Ferguson already has his own warm, fuzzy coat — that should save money.

(Via Variety)