‘Logan’ Has Inspired David Hasselhoff To Push For A Gritty Return To ‘Knight Rider’

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08.22.17 2 Comments

In a world of reboots and revivals, any classic television series seems to ripe for a comeback. David Hasselhoff seems to hoping lightning could strike for the fourth or fifth time for Knight Rider, sharing his thoughts for a gritty return to the character he made famous in the ’80s. His inspiration comes from a successful source, Hugh Jackman’s triumphant closing role as Wolverine in Logan.

Contrary to rumors that a possible Knight Rider reboot could be a comedy starring Kevin Hart as K.I.T.T. and John Cena as either Michael Knight or some sort of successor to Hasselhoff’s role. If the Hoff has his way, though, we’ll be seeing a return for Knight and he’s not the pleasant fellow he used to be according to CinemaBlend:

I have met Robert Rodriguez. He does Dusk til Dawn and Machete. And I said ‘You need to do Knight Rider.’ Because he was doing a marathon of Knight Riders and he said ‘Can we have a selfie!?’ And I said, ‘No, I don’t want a selfie! I want to do the movie! I want to shoot the TV series! I want to bring it back and make it dark! Michael Knight comes back and he’s pissed.’ … I hope it happens, and if it does, it’ll be kind of like Logan. It will be dark. Hasselhoff as Michael Knight in 2017. Knight Rider. The saga continues.

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