Louie Anderson Suffered A Rib Injury During Diving Practice For ‘Splash’


Louie Anderson has suffered an injury while training for ABC’s “Splash.”


The comedian, who made his debut on the reality TV diving competition this week, suffered a mishap on Thursday, Access Hollywood has exclusively learned.


“Louie Anderson bruised his ribs at practice yesterday,” his rep told Access Hollywood.


If Louie Anderson is injured, then who the hell will I be able to watch do a dead-weight fall/dive from like 30 feet in the air while wearing a glorified Hefty bag with yellow camo sleeves? This will not do. This will not do AT ALL. Someone send a doctor to Louie Anderson’s house IMMEDIATELY, and have him bring a hyperbaric chamber and enough cortisone to kill a rhinoceros. Splash was awful, awful television every second his limp body wasn’t speeding toward the water, and I refuse to sit through it again if he can’t compete. This is even worse than when JWOWW injured her neck in the other celebrity diving show. We must repair him. We must REBUILD HIM. GET ME A SCIENTIST.

“He is resting and will continue in the competition in spite of the injury.”

Oh. Never mind, I guess. Although if anyone wants to make a reboot of The Six Million Dollar Man starring Louie Anderson as Steve Austin, drop me a line in the comments. Lookin’ at you, NBC.