Louis C.K. Burned One Of The Guys From Dave Matthews Band At A Gala For Don Rickles

In very important comedians mocking jam band musicians news, Splitsider’s Elise Czajkowski has an excellent report on an auction that went down at the Friars Club Gala for Don Rickles on Monday, in which, well, just read.

The night got off to an odd start with an auction for one of the Friars Club’s antique pianos. Bidding began at $10,000, and quickly escalated into a bidding war between Louis CK, John Mayer, and Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band, who ultimately won with a bid of $70,000. “You know, the guy with the dreads is not going to pay you for that piano,” CK said as he took the stage later in the night. “You took a $70,000 bid from a guy who was just selling a joint in Washington Square Park this morning. But good luck with that.” (Via)

Boyd may have won the piano battle, but C.K. won the piano war. Stay tuned for next week, when C.K. socks it to Blues Traveler’s John Popper at a brunch celebrating Jackie Mason’s work in Chicken Soup.

Crush – Dave Matthews Band from MsElaineKim on Vimeo.

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