Louis C.K. Has Been Testing Out New Material With Surprise Appearances In Tiny New Orleans Venues

Louis C.K. has been in New Orleans filming Jay Roach’s Trumbo about Dalton Trumbo — a screenwriter blacklisted as a Communist back in the 1940s — but while he’s not shooting, Louis is bouncing around the city in tiny venues testing out new material. When I say “tiny,” I mean venues tiny, like 18-person venues. New Orleans apparently doesn’t have a lot of comedy clubs, so Louis has been arriving unannounced at bars, instead, and performing half-hour sets.

In fact, Louis is on and off so quickly that hoards of Louis C.K. fans in New Orleans have no chance of crashing the show because, by the time they hear of it and make it to the venue, it’s already too late, much to their frustration.

Last month, according to The Guardian, he made an appearance at the 40-seat venue, Howlin’ Wolf Den, and among the spectators in the audience were Louis’ Trumbo co-stars, Bryan Cranston and John Goodman, which had to be a huge thrill for anyone who caught that show, like Cate Root, a local reporter.

They were all cracking up, knee-slapping, catching their breath and hysterical at people I get to see every week,” said Root. “CK went up to a packed room and did a 30-minute set of mostly new material including a good chunk of literal potty humour.”

At that particular show, actually, the reporter had been alerted that Louis C.K. would show up earlier that day, but word of the appearance was leaked, so Louis C.K. put out the word that the show was cancelled, only to show up anyway.

A week after his first unannounced appearance in New Orleans, he showed up at an open mic night, and a week after that he appeared at the Hi-Lo Lounge, which certainly doesn’t look like the 10,000 seat venue Louis C.K. would have zero problem selling out.

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According to reports from inside the performances, the bits he’s been trying out have been on potty humor (literally) and a bit on explaining death to his children.

Source: The Guardian