‘SNL’ Is Down One Featured Player From Last Season


Prior to season 43, SNL lost Bobby Moynihan, Vanessa Bayer, and Sasheer Zamata, but gained three repertory players: Heidi Gardner, Luke Null, and Chris Redd. Of that trio, only two will be back for season 44. Vulture has confirmed that Null “will not return to the cast when the show debuts its next season.”

Null, who came from the Chicago comedy scene, was rarely featured on the live show; in fact, his best sketch was probably “Wedding Toast,” which was cut for time. Lasting only a single season on SNL isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. The list of one-and-dones includes Emmy winner Laurie Metcalf, Lethal Weapon star Damon Wayans, and multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-millionaire Robert Downey, Jr. So, look forward to seeing Null in a Marvel movie, I guess?

In other SNL news, Kenan Thompson spoke to the New York Times about how grew comfortable with being on the sketch show. “I feel like there’s less pressure and stress just hitting it and quitting it. Let me get in, get my laughs, and then I’m out,” the Good Burger star said. “As far as being the guy, the star, the lead role of something, I didn’t necessarily need that. Bring me in off the bench! But to be a starter? To deal with the fact that, yeah, they need something from me every single week? I had to make that switch in my mind.”

(Via Vulture & the New York Times)