Some ‘Mad Men’ Staff Writers Are Developing A Show About NASA In The 60s

When you really stop and think about it, it’s kind of extraordinary that the only TV show, at least the only one I can remember, about NASA in the 60s at the height of the space race was I Dream of Jeannie, the cheesy laugh-track sitcom that starred Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden. Well, if some unnamed scribes on the Mad Men writing staff have their way, that’s all about to change.

Reports Florida Today:

Writers from the hit TV series “Mad Men” are working on a potential TV series that would focus on the space program of the 1960s and the journalists who covered it. The working title of the program is “Cocoa Beach.” If it comes to fruition, the series could debut as early as this fall.

Cocoa Beach Mayor Dave Netterstrom said he was told about the show by Space Coast Film Commissioner Bonnie King.

Still to this day, whenever I think of Cocoa Beach, I think of I Dream Of Jeannie, thanks to all the reruns of the show I used to watch on cable as a kid. Just hearing the show’s theme song brings back memories of puberty-stricken me shamefully whacking it in my parents bathroom to the smoking hot Jeannie calling Major Nelson “master.” Oh those were good times!

(Via Vice)