Silhouette Don Draper Is On Some Good Acid In This Psychedelic New 'Mad Men' Teaser

04.01.14 11 Comments

So far, most of the promotional materials for the seventh and final season of Mad Men have focused on aviation. Don getting off an airplane, Don and Roger sipping libations in first class, Roger eyeing up stewardesses in the airport, etc. The latest teaser, however, takes a different approach, essentially taking the trippy-ass final season poster and setting it in motion over the song “The Man Who Sold the World” by David Bowie. (I think. It’s either that or someone dosed my coffee when I wasn’t looking and I’m seeing all this on my own. If the latter is the case, please call 911 and/or put on a blacklight.) If this is any indication of where the final season is headed, things are about to get weeeeeeeeeird. First Cutler’s amphetamine ass injections and now this? Weiner, you mad tyrant, you.

It also might not be a great sign for Don Draper, seeing as the last time he went on a drug-induced hallunication he ended up freaking out a little before being found face down in a California swimming pool. People with secrets shouldn’t do psychedelics. That’s my point.

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