Make Fun Of The Mistakes Of Geniuses With These Classic ‘Jeopardy!’ Bloopers

All this Jeopardy! talk today eventually left me in a YouTube pit of random game show clips that I couldn’t stop watching, because there’s nothing better than a good, old blooper. Jeopardy! bloopers have always been my favorite – with all due respect to my new friends at Family Feud – as any man of average intelligence should take great comfort in watching so-called geniuses fail at answering questions that they’re supposed to know. It’s even better when the contestants are really cocky about it and their mistakes are as simple as not phrasing their answers in the form of a question. Oh Jeopardy!, your quirky rules can be so maddening.

Some of these can be considered bloopers, while others might simply be people serving up wrong answers, but they’re all quite enjoyable, especially when they involve teenagers using profanity. There’s just something about watching teen prodigies swear that makes Alex Trebek’s birthday seem all that more special.

Sometimes the Pressure is Just Too Much

There are a lot of conspiracy theorists out there who think that this guy’s faint was all a ploy to give him extra time to think up his answer. I normally like to give a random stranger from a long time ago the benefit of the doubt, but I also love stoking the fires of controversy. This dude cheated, you guys.

That Kid Said “F*ck”

I bet this teen was grounded for a long, long time for cursing on national TV, and I hope that he was forced to miss his prom night so he couldn’t be there to be crowned King.

“Who Ice T?”

For what it’s worth, I would pay at least $1,000 to see Gary Busey play Ice T. That would probably be the worst biopic ever produced, but watching Busey rap would be so incredible.

Alex Trebek Doesn’t Even Know His First Show

If I were Trebek, I’d probably be trying to forget something as stupid as The Wizard of Odds, too. Also, I’d never ever shave my mustache, and I’d demand that the government lock me in prison should I ever try.

Ken Jennings has a Dirty Mind

I still don’t understand how this wasn’t later ruled a correct answer.

The Donkey Punch Makes an Appearance

I’d like to take back that $1,000 that I pledged toward an Ice T biopic starring Gary Busey so I can instead pledge it toward having Trebek actually explain to a live studio and TV audience what a donkey punch is. That would be TV Hall of Fame material.

This Lady Likes to Party

I bet a lot of the show’s male viewers were like, “I’ll show you what a threesome is” as they pulled up PornHub and went about their sad evening routines.

The Family Guy Moment

Hey, if your chances are dead and you’ve spent an entire show looking like a chump, there are very few things that you can do. One of them is to give a shoutout to a Family Guy joke so that people will always mention you any time that they write about Jeopardy!’s funniest moments.

Speaking of PornHub

Young lady, you have not only sullied the good names of Teen Jeopardy! and whatever your family’s last name is, but also the Cats & Dogs movie franchise. You need to think more about how you represent yourself and films with corny premises.

This Guy Doesn’t Get it

This might seem like a harmless mistake on an $800 question after he just cleaned out the higher value questions, but this guy would go on to lose in Final Jeopardy! by something like $2. We should be thankful that this guy didn’t go on a murdering spree while shouting, “Answer in the form of a question!”

Point and Laugh at the Stupid Computer!

Sure, Watson is a super computer that is smarter than almost any man and will eventually enslave the entire human race, and yeah, Watson won this game of Jeopardy!. But what kind of Grade A idiot confuses Toronto with Chicago? What an A-hole that stupid computer is. (Please don’t use my body for batteries, Mr. Watson.)

Talk About a Cocky Jackass

This guy Cliff absolutely steamrolled the competition on an older episode of Jeopardy!, but then he really let the success get to his head before he could close it out. Not only did he bet the farm on the final answer and not know it, but he gave one of the most ridiculous answers in the show’s history after he was busted for trying to cheat off the woman next to him. What a jerk.

Leonard Cooper’s Big Win

It’s not a blooper, because it’s Leonard’s walk-off win. Still the greatest moment in Jeopardy! history.