The Makers Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Are Creating Games Based On ‘Game Of Thrones’ And ‘Borderlands’

Man, who would have predicted just a couple years ago that the company making the biggest splash at Spike’s big mainstream video game awards would be little adventure-game company-that-could Telltale?

Telltale dropped two bombs at the Spike VGX awards — first and foremost, they’re making a series of adventure games based on Game of Thrones. According to Telltale their Game of Thrones games will be similar in style to their The Walking Dead games, but with a bit more action (and if they’re staying true to the series, a lot more humping).

Here’s a bit of a teaser trailer…

Telltale also announced Tales from the Borderlands, a new adventure-game take on the popular multiplayer shooter Borderlands. Check out a trailer below…

So glad to see Telltale kicking ass and taking names. Which of their two announced games are you looking forward to more?

via Kotaku here & here