The ‘Making A Murderer’ Defense Attorneys Have Become Sexy Internet Sensations

Netflix has another surprise hit show with its new 10-episode documentary Making a Murderer, which exposes the sketchy trials of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey. Avery was two years removed from an unjust 18-year stint in prison, and in the process of suing the police he alleges framed him when evidence discovered by the very same police officers implicated him in a new murder.

From there, the story expands to include his defense attorneys, Dean Strang and Jerome “Jerry” Buting. And surprise! With all the hubbub surrounding the show as it becomes a viral success, the two men have become unlikely sex symbols of sorts on social media.

Considering Steven Avery managed to attract a girlfriend via courtroom footage aired on local news networks, I suppose it should be no surprise that his defense attorneys are being heralded on the internet as hot defense studs, as well. Let’s forget for a moment that the whole show revolves around the very real murder of Teresa Halbach and instead investigate which one is totes hotter.

Dean Strang has the most fans, to the point where there’s actually a parody Twitter account for him entitled Sexy Dean Strang:

Meanwhile, Jerry Buting is usually the Chewie to Strang’s Han Solo, playing co-pilot in many of the sexy scenarios:

It’s to the point where serious reporters can’t seem to root #strangcrush mentions out of Facebook Q&As when talking to Dean. Here’s Michelle Li bringing up the unusual internet phenomena, and Dean’s response:

“My wife finds this very hard to believe. Very, very hard to believe.”

Watch out, Mrs Strang. If Dean’s lines are as strong as his sexy Twitter counterpart’s, you may have some competition soon: