‘Making A Murderer’ Subject Steven Avery’s People Think He’ll Be Exonerated Very Soon

Those who have binge-watched Netflix’s hit true-crime documentary Making A Murderer are already familiar with a long list of Manitowoc sheriffs, officials and lawyers. But there are two new key names that are going to keep popping up again and again as Steven Avery’s story moves past the documentary and into an uncertain future: Kathleen Zellner and Curtis Busse.

Zellner is Avery’s new lawyer, and one of the best wrongful conviction specialists in the country. Busse is the man behind the Steven Avery Project, which works with the Avery family to get news and information out to the public. Now in a recent interview, Curtis is discussing some of what he knows about Kathleen Zellner’s planned appeal.

“We’re not even looking for a new trial, we’re actually looking for an exoneration,” he told WIBX 950AM. “Zellner’s very confident, and Steven is also very confident that it’s not gonna take that much time. And we’re talking months here.”

When asked what new evidence would be grounds for an exoneration, Busse listed a string of potential jump-off points.

“Phone records, DNA, there’s alibis there that weren’t proven the first time that Zellner is taking to the next level and gone the extra mile to prove. They’re going to show that the blood [in the RAV4] and the age of the blood, it’s not going to match up between the two.”

Don’t expect Steven Avery to stick around in Wisconsin for long if he is released, though.

“Steven wants to spend a little time in Wisconsin just to be with his family and try to celebrate the exoneration,” Busse said. “But then he plans to move out of Wisconsin because why would you want to put yourself around that any longer?”

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