Steven Avery Has A New Legal Team, And They’re All-In On At Least One Conspiracy Theory

01.10.16 2 years ago 8 Comments


(The following contains spoilers for Netflix’s Making A Murderer. If you have not completed the series and don’t want to know what happened, please do not read on.)

Fans of Making A Murderer are familiar with the crack legal team of Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, the two lawyers who fought tirelessly for Steven Avery during his seven week murder trial. Both attorneys have stayed in contact with Steven throughout the years, though they admit in the documentary that it’s more of an informal relationship. Avery (obviously) doesn’t have the funds to maintain a legal team. Strang recently addressed this in an interview with The Daily Beast saying, “It’s clear that he probably needs formal legal representation [for] the specific, concrete things that a lawyer can do in the coming weeks and months.”

Now, just weeks after the release of Making A Murderer, a new legal team has tossed their hat in the ring, taking over perhaps the country’s most controversial (and popular) case. Meet Kathleen Zellner & Tricia Bushnell, who made the announcement in a press release on Twitter.

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