Watch The First Two Episodes Of ‘The Man In The High Castle’ For Free This Weekend

At the beginning of 2015, Amazon delivered a handful of new pilots to their semi-annual pilot season. The standout from the bunch turned out to be an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s Hugo-Award winning classic novel, The Man In The High Castle. The story follows an alternate timeline — if you will — which tells the story of a United States which lost World War II. The country, controlled by both Germany and Japan, explores the modern world as we’d know it if the Axis powers gained control and Nazi propaganda went global. It’s an interesting concept, one that paints an intriguing version of what our country would look like under such rule.

Over the Summer, Amazon brought the show to Comic-Con with a new trailer to promote the upcoming episodes. To further drive home the high concept nature of the series, a new new trailer hit the internet (featured above) and, to keep the hype machine going, Amazon will be presenting the pilot and second episode of the series for free —  right here — during their Preview Weekend which begins at 12 a.m. PST on Friday, October 23. After Sunday, October 25, the show’s second episode will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime members before the entire first season launches to the public on November 20.

(Via Deadline)