Check Out This Clip Of Marc Maron And Pete Holmes Hugging It Out And Discussing Dane Cook’s Rug Money

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12.04.13 7 Comments

Marc Maron And Pete Holmes Hugging It Out

Marc Maron stopped by The Pete Holmes Show to share some stories about Dane Cook and get exhausted by Pete’s open heart.

The Dane Cook story revolves around an awkward party Maron and Holmes attended at Cook’s super clean home, providing a bit of heart to the interview and mystery.

Why does Dane Cook own rugs that you can’t put your feet on? Are my friendships as genuine as the one between Maron and Holmes seems to be?

It’s a nice clip all around and really makes me think I should start watching more of The Pete Holmes Show. He’s very likeable, his online videos are great and I’m enjoying his “Ex-Men” series of skits.

(Lead image via Pete Holmes)

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